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When The Sun Goes Down – Official Music Video
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When The Sun Goes Down – Official Music Video

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When The Sun Goes Down – Official Music Video!

We released the Official Music Video for When The Sun Goes Down today! You can watch it here: Please help us spread the word, by sharing the link with everyone you know! Super grateful to everybody who helped make this

  • New Single! ‘Hold On’ Featuring MC3PO

    Don’t miss the special remix version of Hold On featuring the very talented MC3PO!  As seen live in concert, now available at the AG Silver store:

  • “Hold On” – Now available on iTunes!

    At long last, our new album Hold On is now available on iTunes!  The direct to the album is here: If you don’t have it yet, please go get it!  If you do, please visit the album page and

  • November 2 – Get Your Tickets Online Now!

    We’re very excited to be preparing a great live show for you all. November 2 marks the manifestation of what we have been working diligently toward for 3 years – writing, recording, refining, rehearsing. Rinse, repeat. Please be our guest for the evening and celebrate this significant milestone in our musical journey. Click this post for links to the tickets and events pages. Continue reading

  • FAN FUNDING! Help us make a new album a reality.

    To all of our Friends and Fans:

    We’ve been at this music gig awhile now and have experienced many joys and many trials. We’ve reached the point in which we cannot easily supply the sheer up front costs of putting together a top notch record, and so, we look to you our loyal fans, friends, family and newcomers to the AG circle for a small token of faith in our work, an offering to support this endeavor we love and a commitment to help us with the next phase of our journey. Continue reading