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FAN FUNDING! Help us make a new album a reality.

To all of our Friends and Fans:

We’ve been at this music gig awhile now and have experienced many joys and many trials. We’ve reached the point in which we cannot easily supply the sheer up front costs of putting together a top notch record, and so, we look to you our loyal fans, friends, family and newcomers to the AG circle for a small token of faith in our work, an offering to support this endeavor we love and a commitment to help us with the next phase of our journey.

Our last EP, Love Keeps No Score we are very proud of on many merits. One little known fact is that we essentially had 6 weeks to write and record the material before we left for tour. This put a great deal of pressure on us to churn out the songs. Since we have taken a break from traveling extensively, we’ve taken a much more laid back and organic approach to writing for this record, in similar ways to our debut release Wake Up and Smell Reality, but this time every bit of the material is fresh, we’ve virtually not played any of the songs live and we are so excited to share these tunes with everyone because we think they are a great batch of songs… truly.

The costs that go into making a quality record are daunting. Let us illustrate the approximate costs for a 10 song record (we may even end up with 12). These figures do not include our time for writing, rehearsing, recording the tracks, rehearsal space rent and utilities, gear insurance, etc. These are strictly costs paid to other talented folks:

  • Studio time: $5,000
  • Editing: $1,800
  • Mixing: $5,000
  • Mastering: $1,000
  • Album artwork: $700
  • CD Pressing: $1,500

Total Cost: $15,000

We are grateful to the support we have received in our years of this band, and we still desire to create new music that we feel is relevant.  We’d love it if you would partner with us to make this new project a reality.  If you visit you can select from a number of different giving options that will earn you some fun perks.  Perks range from free downloads NOW! and an early copy of the whole project, to crashing an AG Silver rehearsal or hosting an acoustic concert at your house!

Thanks for all of your support.  Your encouragement over the years has motivated us to keep making music and your contributions will help make that a reality!

Most Grateful,
AG Silver

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Nov 2
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