Ag Silver Clean Water For Africa Tour: Fall 2008. Partnering with schools to love our global neighbors. Know, love, act.

This Fall, award winning band AG Silver will be continuing their partnership with Blood:Water Mission to raise money to dig wells and provide much needed clean water for designated African communities. At most of their tour stops, the band will be leading, or assisting with a chapel service/assembly (depending on the school's preference), hosting a lunch/round-table discussion for further information with students in the afternoon, and capping off the day with a concert at night to kick-off the campaign on campus.

Blood:Water Mission's current campaign is dedicated to digging 1000 wells in 1000 African communities to provide clean water to areas that are in desperate need of it. Through the initiatives that Blood:Water Mission has in place, $1 = clean water for 1 African for 1 year. AG Silver will be partnering with the schools that it visits to sell BWM stickers for $1 as well as AG Silver/BWM merchandise to help raise money for this cause. In some cases, the BWM campaign will only last for the duration of the band's visit on campus, but it is AG Silver's hope that most of the schools who participate will use the band's visit to launch a week long campaign on campus to raise money for BWM. In this case, the band would work with the school to set a goal. For instance, some schools might set a goal to raise enough money to provide water for one year to 500 people ($500). Some schools might set a goal to raise enough money to dig a well for a community ($3500), etc... Whatever the goal, the band will do everything it can to help the campus succeed by leaving behind adequate amounts of stickers, etc... as well as BWM information to remain on campus for as long as the campaign requires.

On top of supporting a really important and worthwhile cause, your campus will also get the privilege of enjoying AG Silver's highly-acclaimed live show. The band will be touring with their own full sound system and intelligent lighting so they are very self-sufficient, easy-going and extremely easy to work with. Your campus will appreciate the band's chapel leading as well. Before the band hit the road full time, their lead singer was a full-time chaplain/worship leader at Hope College in Michigan. He is a seasoned speaker and worship leader who will certainly honor his time in your Chapel service, respect the traditions that you have while also encouraging and challenging your students to make an impact by finding tangible ways to love their neighbors in their local and global neighborhood.

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